Monday, 18 May 2015

UPDATE - Action Day - 16 May 2015

"There are no strangers here; only friends you haven't yet met", so opined WB Yeats and this certainly proved to be the case on Saturday. Approximately 50 residents came together in response to a call for volunteers to transform the site and they toiled through the afternoon sun to complete the final ground work.

New friendships were formed and the sense of community was noticeable enhanced amongst this band of brothers and sisters. The group was honoured by a visit by the Mayor and the Action Day ended with a barbeque and drinks for the deserving workforce.

Having been initiated in March, the project aspires to convert 1,500 square metres of waste ground, and a flytipping eyesore, into an exciting new local leisure resource, and by now approximately 100 fruit trees and bushes have been planted, as well as decorative climbers, vegetables and rose beds. The site plans to open as a free facility over the summer, for rest and recreational activities by the local community and groups. The project also has educational and ecological briefs, to inform locals and children about food production and wildlife. Some of the fruits and vegetables will be unfamiliar to many, and a wild flower meadow is planned.

All the work and maintenance is carried out by volunteers with the support of local businesses. Further site development continues apace, and both volunteers and business support are always needed to help fulfill the dream. The next Action Day is planned for Saturday 30th May, when the wild flower meadow will be initiated.