As part of the habitat plan to develop the site to be more welcoming to wildlife the following projects have been started.

Ponds Installed
Three wildlife ponds are now installed in a complex in the corner near the currant bushes. They are optimised for wildlife, using banks with holes and crevices and planted with British native aquatic plants. We hope to attract toads, frogs and a host of colourful insects, such as damselflies. 

Wildlife Hedge
We have now planted 120 metres of hedgerow around the site, which will grow into and around the current chestnut paling fence whilst it is establishing. As well as providing a valuable habitat for wildlife, the hedgerow is comprised of edible bushes - hazel, blackthorn, elder, dog rose and crab apples. This was achieved through a donation of 420 saplings from the Woodland Trust  and planted on a Saturday in November with 40+ volunteers.

Wild Flower Meadow
We have now seeded almost 100m2 of wildflower meadow as part of our habitat plan. This will provide a valuable habitat for wildlife such as butterflies, moths and bees. The wildlife ponds abut this area, bringing together our biodiversity habitat plan.